Online Mentoring #5 Mozilla matching

Online Mentoring #4 Rooms located

Online Mentoring #3 Story Telling

Every two weeks, the participants meet online and work out the next steps in the project. This time, the topic was story telling and the question:
How can we guide our future visitors through our digital memory spaces?

First stage in Berlin

For three days participants of the Onboarding Memories project gathered in Berlin to meet and exchange on the topic of Nazi forced labor and digital practices around the culture of memory.
After inputs from Prof. Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner #GedenkstätteBuchenwald and Julia Nägel #Interviewarchiv “Forced Labor 1939-45“ participants visited the #dokumentationcentre Schöneweide.
The following workshop, led by experts of Blickwinkel Tours e. V., drew us completely into the realm of history and virtual reality.
Before meeting again in Scy-Chazelles, the participants will continue to discuss all these topics in the Online Mentoring Sessions.


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