Reception at the Georgian Embassy Strengthens German-Georgian Relations


On May 27, 2023, the reception at the Georgian Embassy took place to commemorate Georgian Independence Day, and among the guests was Dr. Christian Johann, the Director of the European Academy Berlin (EAB). The reception provided an opportunity to celebrate and further strengthen the close relationships between Germany, Europe, and Georgia. The evening was filled with warm hospitality, cultural exchange, and inspiring conversations.

The event highlighted the importance of strong relations between Germany, Georgia, and the entire European community. Georgia, a country with a rich culture and history, is a significant partner for Germany and Europe. Through dialogue and exchange on political, economic, and cultural levels, we can address common challenges and learn from one another.

Dr. Christian Johann, the Director of the EAB, emphasized the significance of the long-standing partnership with Georgian organizations and the fruitful cooperation that the EAB has maintained for a considerable time, including ongoing projects like CLIMACY. He particularly highlighted the crucial role of political education in combating prejudices and fostering a better understanding between different cultures and nations. In his words,

The partnership with Georgian organizations, our long-standing cooperation, and the fruitful seminars organized by the EAB have taught us that political education immunizes against prejudice. Through joint projects, workshops, and celebrations, we get to know and appreciate each other.

The reception at the Georgian Embassy offered guests a variety of cultural highlights. Georgian music, known for its passion and virtuosity, filled the premises of the Representation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt and created an inspiring atmosphere. Guests had the opportunity to savor the culinary delights of Georgia, such as Khinkali and Chatschapuri, and experience the country's culinary diversity.

The close cooperation between Germany and Georgia is evident through various projects and initiatives. Germany is represented in Georgia by the Goethe-Institut, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and political foundations. These institutions promote cultural exchange, offer language courses, and support Georgian students and scholars during their stay in Germany.

The Georgian community in Germany also plays an important role in strengthening the relations between both countries. Numerous Georgian diaspora organizations are actively involved in preserving Georgian culture and maintaining ties with their homeland. Through Sunday schools and cultural activities, Georgian culture is presented in Germany, fostering cultural exchange.

The reception at the Georgian Embassy marked another chapter in the history of German-Georgian relations. It highlighted the shared values, mutual respect, and understanding between both countries. The event impressively demonstrated that dialogue and exchange on political, economic, and cultural levels are key to strengthening the German-Georgian partnership, particularly in the context of twenty percent of Georgian territory being occupied by the Russian Federation and considering the unlawful war against Ukraine. It is crucial to show solidarity and a shared commitment to cooperation and peace.

The European Academy Berlin is proud to be part of this exchange and collaboration. The EAB will continue to organize seminars, workshops, and events to promote intercultural dialogue and political education. It is through mutual understanding and the dismantling of prejudices that we can build a strong and open society.

The German-Georgian bond will continue to grow and develop, and the EAB will contribute to this progress. We look forward to future projects and activities that will further advance cultural exchange and cooperation between Germany, Europe, and Georgia.


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