Visit of the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova

EAB Sommer

With approximately 2.5 million inhabitants, the Republic of Moldova is one of the smaller states in Europe. In June 2022, along with Ukraine, the Republic was granted the status of a candidate for accession.

As an international meeting place for Europe and those interested in Europe, it was a pleasure for us to welcome the Moldovan Ambassador, Mr. Aureliu Ciocoi, to the Academy in July. Together with His Excellency Ciocoi, we aim to work towards increasing visibility for the Republic of Moldova and contribute to its overall approximation to the European Union.

Promoting democracy within and beyond Europe is a crucial objective of the Academy. Particularly during times of conflict in neighboring Ukraine, we aim to support knowledge development, stability, and resilience-building as part of the partnership for EU integration. In this regard, the Director of the European Academy Berlin emphasized,

"The fact that civil society in Europe is not merely on the sidelines when it comes to politics and our future doesn't happen by chance. In order for all of us to actively shape the future of Europe, we must initiate and engage in meetings, discussions, and collaborations, taking them even more seriously. I thank Ambassador Ciocoi for his visit, his interest in our work, and his support."

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