Dr. Christian Johann

Direktor Johann

Pizza digitale! No such thing? Oh, yes, there is! Because as of 1 July 2020, EAB Academy Director Christian Johann is really going to mould the Academy into shape. This is his tenet: a project team can only consist of as many people as can all satisfy their hunger with two large round pizzas. And thanks to digitalisation we can scale down structure hierarchies. The aim is to overcome social divisions in society between people 'up on top' and people 'down at the bottom' - a question which Christian has been addressing for many years. The field ranges from his doctoral thesis in history viewed comparatively on the question of the social welfare state and the core of our society in international terms; then in the start-up organisation for education called Studio2B, which he founded shortly after completing his studies; working as a research assistant for the Federal parliament. The path towards greater social justice runs, as Christian sees it, via high-quality educational opportunities for all. And this is what we are now working on together.


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