Latin America left, right or the other way around? #3 Mexico

Mexico in the context of violence and organized crime: between militarization and other state responses
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Today, Mexico faces a major security threat. Conflicts with drug trafficking, however, have existed since at least the second half of the 20th century.

But the problem has escalated significantly since former President Felipe Calderon declared war on drugs in 2006. Today, the country is plagued by a multitude of violent acts related to organized crime and strategies to combat it.

The Mexican society demands security and appropriate action on the problem. Addressing social concerns has been addressed through social programs and international cooperation. But the main domestic response since 2006 has been the military.

The seminar will address the issue of state limitations to adequately react to organized crime and violence in Mexico and whether the use of the military offers a viable solution.

The event series "Latin America to the left, to the right or the other way round? Current regional developments and political issues" is a cooperation between the EAB and POLITIKUM Ecuador and is aimed at pupils, students and all those interested in deepening their knowledge of the latest events in Latin America as a complementary element to general education.

The online series consists of a total of 5 events dedicated to one country on the respective dates: Brazil (05.04.2023), Peru (20.04.2023), Mexico (03.05.2023), Ecuador (31.05.2023) and Colombia (21.06.2023).

A three-day seminar in Berlin (06-08.07.2023) takes up the results and deepens the intercultural exchange with visits to embassies and expert discussions in relevant non-governmental organisations. The encounter enables an interdisciplinary approach and additionally brings different experiences of migration into the discussion.

Registration for the individual events is possible, continuous participation is desired.

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