Tears, fears, joy!


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How Europeans remember the end of cold war.
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tears, fears, joy!

How do Europeans remember the end of the Cold War? What do we need for successful European integration? These are some of the questions that the international project "EU - United we stand" has addressed over the past 14 months.

In a cross-generational dialogue including transnational meetings on site, participants have exchanged views on how the collapse of the socialist regimes and the subsequent transformation were perceived - and how we evaluate them from today's perspective.
In order to capture social moods about the stunning events of 1989/90, young people from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Poland and Hungary interviewed their national communities and discussed the results in various transnational meetings.

"Tears, fears, joy!" - is the title of the 45-minute film (original languages with English subtitles) with excerpts from the interviews, which impressively reflect the emotions and expectations of the contemporary witnesses. Following the premiere, we invite the audience to a discussion with the filmmakers and experts from politics and the media.

In cooperation with our project partners

Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana
Politikatörténeti Alapítvány és Intézet

Tera Maison Europe
ЕИЦ - Европа Директно - Велико Търново / Europe Direct - Veliko Tarnovo

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