Does the Rule of Law have its Price?

Socioeconomic insights from Poland and Germany
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Statue der Justititia

Which aspects of the rule of law are most important to you? And: What role does the rule of law play in everyday business life? We asked small and large companies in Germany and Poland these and other questions and received a variety of answers, surprising insights into practice and valuable suggestions for political, economic and civil society action.

Now we would like to present the central results of our research to the public and discuss them with you. Together with the Warsaw Centre for Socio-Economic Analyses (CASE), we therefore invite you to an online conference. This is the final chord for the German-Polish analysis project "The Rule of Law and its Social Reception as Determinants of Economic Development".

Besides discussing the core findings of the study, we will also look beyond the German-Polish horizon and discuss the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the rule of law in the European context.

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The event will be held in English.

Funded by the German-Polish Science Foundation

Project wspierany przez Polsko-Niemiecką Fundację na rzecz Nauki

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