Disinformation Resilience Dialogue

Lessons Learned from Central and Eastern Europe

The project "Disinformation Resilience Dialogue: Lessons learned from Central and Eastern Europe" brings together two key elements in dealing with disinformation challenges: It combines exchange and learning formats of young people with decision-makers and individual work on a digital tool in order to foster digital skills. It is intended for young people from six participating countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, and Georgia).

The project aims to contribute to the engagement of young people in democratic life in Europe at various levels, particularly regarding their political participation and the strengthening of their digital competencies and media literacy. The project activities consist of four seminars and an online presentation, contributing to the following goals:

  • Developing digital competencies and media literacy of young people - including the ability to evaluate and work with information and thus contribute to increasing their resilience to hybrid threats - particularly disinformation, fake news, and propaganda.
  • Exchange of experiences among organizations from the participating countries and raising awareness of disinformation (and ways how to deal with it targeting young people).
  • Raising young people's awareness of common European values through the involvement and cooperation of participants from EU and non-EU member states.
  • Implementation of dialogue between young people and decision-makers, including networks and peer exchange.

Project activities:

  • Seminar in Warsaw (June 2-4, 2022): 3- day seminar
  • Seminar in Bratislava (October 6-8, 2022): 3- day seminar
  • Seminar in Berlin (November 21-23, 2022): 3- day seminar
  • Online presentation of e-learning (December 2022)

Partner organizations:

  • European Values Center for Security Policy, Czech Republic
  • Institut strategických politik n.o. (STRATPOL), Slovakia
  • Fundacja Warsaw Institute, Poland
  • Europäische Akademie Berlin, Germany
  • Internews Ukraine
  • Georgia´s Reforms Associates

Participants of the project:
The project participants will be young people (approx. 18-25 years) from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia.
Advanced knowledge of English is required.

Please complete the application form and send it together with a brief CV to km@eab-berlin.eu by 30.05.2022.

The program is free of charge. The project covers travel costs, accommodation, and meals.

Note: We are keeping an eye on the current developments around the Covid-19 situation. All applicable hygiene regulations and measures will be observed during the seminar.


Programme Director