Digital learning for the promotion of media and democratic competence
within the framework of a European network project
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Technologies are changing our society. We are all connected all the time. Social media have become digital spaces for shaping society and are thus an integral part of political participation. Today's children and young people are growing up in this networked world, with its opportunities and risks.

How can we equip young people with the necessary skills to navigate and participate safely and responsibly in the complex online landscape? This requires media, information and democratic skills - adapted to the digital age!

Schools and educational institutions play a central role in teaching these skills. With the transnational project E-Responsible, the EAB is developing innovative, digital teaching and learning tools together with six European partner organizations. Toolkits as well as teaching and learning modules for schools and educational institutions are made available on an online learning platform.

If you are interested in participating and testing the digital teaching and learning materials, please contact Paula Boden by mail  (pb@eab-berlin.eu)

Programme Director
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