German European policy in the year of global decisions

for journalists and media representatives in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia

The year 2022 and the proclaimed turning point have placed Eastern and Central Eastern Europe even more firmly at the centre of European politics. This readjustment of the political structure is not only being assessed in Berlin and Paris. The target countries analysed in this project are also currently discussing their relationship and role within and towards the EU architecture.

The project "German European Policy in the Year of Global Change" will take up these developments in order to draw a comprehensive picture of German European policy and its interaction with the changing geopolitical and intra-European challenges. Experts will share current topics and trends to promote a deeper understanding of the complex relationships between Germany and its European partners. The aim is to provide journalists and opinion multipliers in the target countries with well-founded insights and analyses in order to strengthen European discussion and cooperation.

We would like to thank the Federal Foreign Office for its kind support.

Programme Director