Sustainable Action for Future Engagement

"SAFE" combines urban environmental protection and volunteer engagement with media literacy and community empowerment and networking.

Despite the urgency of climate and environmental protection, only a few groups, even in the Berlin metropolitan region, are still sufficiently informed and engaged in their immediate surroundings to make a contribution to urban environmental protection. The 1.5 degree target is moving further and further away and the consequences of climate change are also becoming increasingly noticeable for us in Germany and Berlin. The interest and urge to act on pressing environmental issues is there. Young adults with and without a history of migration find themselves facing this overwhelming prospect in the big city, in their neighbourhoods and districts, often without any concrete options for action.

The project ‘SAFE. Sustainable Action for Future Engagement’ project makes a contribution to urban environmental protection by strengthening voluntary work and volunteering. Under the motto ‘Think global, act local’, interested people learn about effective engagement for urban environmental and climate protection.

Have you always wanted to get involved in urban environmental protection in Berlin? Would you like to network with other environmental activists and like-minded people? Have you always wanted to know how content can be packaged in podcasts, videos and graphic design for specific target groups and acquire new digital skills? Would you like to gain experience in voluntary work, get in touch with different communities in the neighbourhood and actively participate in the Berlin Day of Action?

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Overview of project activities 2024:

Digital Preparatory meeting and getting to know each other (June 20, 2024)

Interested participants and partners meet for a practice-oriented introduction to the topics of environmental protection and commitment.

Three media workshops 

  • Podcasting: July 02-03, 2024
  • Canva & graphic design: July 09-10, 2024
  • Video: July 16-17, 2024

Do you already have an idea for a media product to visualise your vision? Great! In three media workshops, you will learn how to work with different media formats (e.g. podcast, video and graphic design) with the support of experienced trainers. It is possible to take part in several media workshops. In the workshops, you will develop initial ideas for your own content and create prototypes that you can later continue in the project and implement independently.

Implementation phase with supervision (August - September 2024)

During an individual work phase, you will continue to develop your media products and create the first versions of your podcasts, graphics or videos based on the resulting prototypes, which are dedicated to urban environmental protection or commitment and call on others to join in.

Berlin Action Day (September 21, 2024)

The highlight is the annual Berlin Action Day on the third Saturday in September, where all participants are actively involved and can organise their own campaigns in the city with their communities and as a group.

Networking meeting with volunteer actors (October 25, 2024)

At a networking meeting, you and interested parties from the city's communities will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other volunteering stakeholders, present the final media products and get to know volunteering in Berlin at a market of opportunities. Participation in the previous project activities is a prerequisite for participation.

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The project is funded by the BMI on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag.

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