Unboxing Y-Europe 2024

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In Unboxing Y-Europe, we aim at creating a digital toolbox that supports immigrants and refugees upon their arrival in Europe by providing insights into the most important facts about Europe and the European Union. In addition to the legal framework, the tool wants to focus on Union values and possibilities for participation in European societies. Within the framework of both digital as well as Berlin-based workshops, a critical perspective on the recent state of immigration as well as its legal framework will be discussed. The development of the toolbox will be based on interviews and direct exchange with the final target group of Newcomers.

All participants who join the project co-create the final tool with us. The project includes the following building blocks :

  • a digital Kick-Off workshop 
  • a project week in Berlin (3 March  – 7 March 2024, incl. travel)
  • two shorter digital collaboration session in which the toolbox will be evaluated and finalised

Within the project week, participants will interview Newcomers and / or organisations working with newcomers, will learn more about diverse digital tools as well as the creation of new learning materials that portray and underline the framework of the European Union as well as important Union values. The participants will strengthen their project management and collaboration skills, will learn more about the European Union and relevant frameworks for newcomers as well as discuss recent developments in a diverse and transnational group.

The project is financed through the CERV programme of the European Union. Due to this, participation in the project is free.

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