Dr. Anneke Hudalla

Programme Director
Dr. Anneke Hudalla Teamfoto 2

Strč prst skrz krk. Dr. Anneke Hudalla loves words with no vowels in them. But the reasons why EAB seminar director opted to study Czech language and literature as well as political science were not these: it was Milan Kundera’s worldly wise observations. Václav Havel’s presidential dissidence. Whatever Anneke discovered in the course of her doctoral dissertation on Czech policy on Europe and as a journalist on the Respekt newspaper in Prague, this was later confirmed when she worked as support staff in the European and in the Federal German Parliament: Europe exists in very different ways. And it is this diversity of perspective which Anneke implements in concepts for European policies in practice seminar series as well as in the teacher professional education series known as European seminars in Berlin.