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Likes for the better! was about empowering young women from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Germany to be more confident in social media in order to address issues like the insufficient perception of women in public as well as the general gender inequality.

In their digital projects, our participants addressed multiple aspects of these challenges and provided engaging and insightful output. Our participants did a great job. In the wake of Likes for the better! and the associated workshop, we have a lot of different finished projects to present, which are briefly described below.

Girls for Women Project


One of our most exciting projects is called “Girls for Women”. Lia Phutkaradze, Mariam Tsetskhladze and Diana Tevanian have created the facebook page “Youth for Employment Georgia”. Supported by the publishing of several TikTok videos, the page intends to highlight the importance of career planning and professional skill development for adolescent people of the Georgian Adjara region. Therefore, the campaign’s purpose is to promote the accessibility of internships and professional voluntary programs for young people in the region. The project's facebook page, written in the Georgian language, already has more than 1,000 subscribers.

Link to the project:

Topic.Abortion Project


The Topic.Abortion project has launched its own Instagram page that provides the public with a lot of necessary and crucial information about abortion and related topics. The Instagram page has currently published six posts disseminating profound information on abortion in English, with special reference to Georgia. Currently, it has about 35 followers. In charge of the project were the Germans Friederike Hartwich, Madia Fahim, Maria Korb, Annalena Pott, were involved, as well as Anano Verdzadze from Georgia.

Link to the Instagram page: 

SHEheroes Project


Another exciting project is SHEheroes. The project of Mariam Avetyan and Sose Zakaryan aims to empower women by sharing exciting self-produced videos portraying success stories of Armenian women. Although the facebook page is entirely in Armenian, the videos are in English. The first video is about Arpine Matevosyan, who moved from the Armenian capital Yerewan to the village Areni, in order to open an art space for children. This video was also posted on the facebook page of the NGO "ArmActive - Youth Center".

Link to the video on facebook:

Empowering Muslim women in Georgia Project


The project “Empowering Muslim women in Georgia” is conducted by Nestan Ananidze and Hurie Abashidze. As the project name suggests, the project aims to empower and give a voice to Muslim women in Georgia, who are perceived as minority in their home country. This is to be approached by different means, such as the creation of videos and postings on social media, as well as by live sessions taking place in Georgia. In already established postings, Muslim Georgian women tell their stories and report about their struggles.

Link to a photo-story:

Empowering Local Urban Social Movement in Batumi City Project


An intriguing project of high topical relevance is the Empowering Local Urban Social Movement in Batumi City-project. The German-Georgian co-production by Wienke Döbbeling and Mariam Morchadze has written a sharp article on the importance of women-friendly cities and the challenges of gender-responsive urban planning, which includes two self-conducted interviews with German and Georgian experts. The article is posted on the EU Neighbors East website.

Link to the article:

Women’s role in preserving traditions Project


The project of Fatima Bolkvadze and Tamar Bauzhadze has a tremendous output. In their project they present the rural mountain regions of Adjara, Geogia and report about the daily life of the inhabitants there, their traditions, as well as about the important role women play for these. To approach this in a decent looking way, the participants produced a high-quality three-minute video, with English subtitles, as well as launched a blog that tells the stories of the women living in the Adjara region.

Link to the video on facebook:

Link to the blog:

Professional education Project


The project "Professional Education" by Ilda Takidze and Medea Motskobili from Georgia aims to promote professional education for girls in the Adjara region, and to provide information about related services and opportunities. Therefore, they produced a video in which a college lecturer talks in an interview about certain matters and issues that affect career choices. Furthermore, the interviewee points out that still few girls choose technical or scientific professions. This self-produced interview was distributed through the project both online and at various schools.

Link to the video on facebook:

The project took place in cooperation with ForSet, RADA and ArmActive Youth Center and with the kind support of the Federal Foreign Office

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