Europe the great unknown? What we (don't) learn about Europe in school.

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European YouthLAB
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Europe connects. Encounters through Interrail and Erasmus are used by many after school to learn about and experience Europe. The curiosity to discover Europe is high. But which Europe is school preparing us for? What content is taught today in lessons about Europe, Europe's citizens and cultures? Looking back on our school days, what would we have liked to have learned? What ideas do you have for integrating Europe more into the classroom and school days?

At our European Youth LAB workshop we would like to creatively address these and other questions.

Discussion partners are among others:

  • Rot Kvaternik, head of the Eastern European division of Klett's textbook publishers
  • Marcin Sawicki, history teacher from Wroclaw

The event is aimed in particular at pupils (from the age of 16), as well as trainees and young students.

After our workshop, the evening event "Generize Europe" will take place in the Urania, to which the participants of our workshop are cordially invited to discuss their findings and further questions with young experts from Spain, Poland and Germany. Admission is free for our workshop participants.

With kind support of the Federal Foreign Office.

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