Tackling Climate Crisis for Global Food Security

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Climate crisis is the greatest global challenge to humankind. Its consequences span from rising sea levels and air temperatures to increasing water shortages and disruptions in food production and supply. Climate change also exacerbates existing challenges and is a threat multiplier. Climate change and resulting decrease of crops contribute to deteriorating food security worldwide, establishing a heavy humanitarian crisis. Climate crisis is also disproportionally affecting different regions; Africa is among most vulnerable continents despite contributing only 4% to the global emissions.

The combined impact of the pandemic, climate, energy, water and food crisis resulted in rising inequalities, violent conflicts and further deterioration of the rules-based international order, which is felt across the globe. These global trends represent a serious threat to international peace and security. In times of "Zeitenwende", there is a growing awareness that the complex challenges the international community is facing are mounting and increasingly interconnected. Working together and finding global solutions is needed, as no individual country or region can face global challenges alone.

Addressing contemporary security threats is important for Slovenia, especially when it comes to protecting those who are most vulnerable, including women, children, the elderly or members of minorities. This will be our guiding principle if elected to the Security Council for 2024-25. Following the 12th Africa Day Conference in Slovenia, which was dedicated to climate crisis, this event will offer a platform for further inter-regional exchange of views, suggestions and collaboration, aiming at contributing to the progress on the inherently linked climate crisis and food security nexus. We will be discussing the possibilities for improvement and more action, integration of climate and food security into prevention of conflicts.In this vein, the dialogue and mediation role of smaller countries like Slovenia is key. The roundtable gives us a welcome opportunity to hear your views and suggestions on how to better address these issues in the future to identify the challenges and discuss the steps needed in the short and longer term perspective.

The discussions will be followed by a networking reception with Slovenian food and wine.

Registration by May 4, 2023 at sloembassy.berlin@gov.si

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