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Youth Engagement for Sustainable Development in Cooperation between the Global South and Europe
Practical seminar
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There is no Planet B. Wars and geopolitical tensions, climate change and air pollution regularly make headlines in the Global South and in the countries of the European Union because they endanger the security and health of the population and threaten intergenerational justice. Too little attention is paid to the development potential of cooperation and initiatives between the Global South and Europe to adapt to sustainable development.

The European Institute of the Centre international de Formation Européenne (CIFE) and the European Academy Berlin (EAB) therefore want to address the issues of adaptation to sustainable development, environmental and climate protection in Europe and the Global South with an interactive practical seminar aimed at an international audience of Master's students and young professionals, and in particular to promote the engagement of the younger generation - For climate change, environmental and atmospheric pollution know no borders.

The practical seminar is aimed at students, multipliers and young professionals and deals with the above-mentioned issues in a multi-perspective, interdisciplinary and interactive programme, including site visits to relevant organisations and initiatives. Applicants should have graduated from university no more than one year ago. 

The aim is to provide students and young professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to multiply and skillfully apply the outlined topics in the context of global economic relations in their field of activity.


Seminar fee + 2 nights accommodation including breakfast: 109,00 €

Seminar fee without accommodation: 59,00 €

More information about the seminar can be found in the programme draft. If you want to participate please register via the link down below.

In cooperation with Centre international de Formation Européenne (CIFE).


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