Becoming critical and aware of Racism

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Understanding the structures and effects of racism in Germany
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Bildungsurlaub Rassismus kritisch werden

We are surrounded by symbols, expressions and structures that affect, exclude and hurt people because of their origin or appearance. Where does racism begin?

The political relevance of racism is increasingly recognised. However, understanding racism as an ideology of domination and dominance that serves to legitimise and stabilise unequal distribution of power, privileges, resources and opportunities for self-realisation is still little discussed in society. Many people see no reason to deal with the issue of racism individually. Ignorance, defensiveness and trivialisation towards racist behaviour is widespread.

Racism does not begin with radical action. Everyday racism leaves profound traces. The seminar will address the history of racism in Germany, the perpetuation of racism in language and images as well as social and individual effects in order to break down the one-sided understanding of racism as a "problem from the right".

In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on personal and emotional confrontation. Individual and group dynamic exercises and reflections will enable participants to develop a critical attitude towards racism.

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