In situ seminar: Latin America to the left, to the right or the other way around?

Europäische Akademie Berlin

Bismarckallee 46/48
14193 Berlin

Current regional developments and political issues
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Unsplash Pablo Garcia Saldana

Latin America has made headlines time and again in recent years: political unrest, economic crises, social movements and international relations are just some of the issues affecting the region. After years of relative absence, relations with Latin America and the Caribbean have returned to the EU agenda. What issues are dominating the current discussion? Which issues are playing an important role in the background?

With five exciting online events, we discussed the current situation in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. In our seminar in Berlin, we would like to discuss the manifold political questions that arise from this. With experts from science, culture and politics we will deepen thematic interfaces of the country perspectives. The aim is to take the broadest possible view of the region and to analyze current political developments from different perspectives.

The seminar is aimed at interested citizens and multipliers who are interested in the region and want to understand the current developments in Latin America.

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