climate x cross-border

Dilemmata & Resilienz in der Klimakrise

Here in Europe, too, it is now clear that climate change and its consequences are knocking at the door. This shows that regardless of whether we are in the global South or North, regardless of region or nationality - climate protection concerns us all! Because the challenges of the climate crisis do not stop at borders.

With the "climate x cross-border" project, we want to raise awareness of the challenges and dilemmas we face in relation to climate protection and sustainability. These dilemmas are, for example, economic growth vs. the limits of ecosystems and limited resources; the protection of biodiversity vs. renewable energies; the demands of growing cities and conurbations vs. the requirements of progressive urban climate protection and growing scarcity vs. social equality. All these dilemmas will be addressed in a deliberative debate involving different generations, local actors and citizens from different countries.

We will also address the topic of "resilience in the climate crisis" and want to look for creative solutions together. What are the consequences of the dilemmas mentioned? How can the environment and society be shaped against the backdrop of these dilemmas? What role do other concepts such as gender equality play and how can cooperation with the global South be organized in a fair way? Where can (and must) we intervene beforehand and where does it make sense to devote ourselves to climate impact adaptation?

These are the project activities:

  • Thursday, 10.10.2024 (tbc.): Interactive discussion event "Climate Dialogue"
  • Friday, 08.11.2024 - Sunday, 10.11.2024 (tbc.): Seminar "Resilience in the climate crisis" in cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin

Who is the project aimed at?

  • Citizens interested in climate and the environment
  • Experts from the fields of environment, energy and sustainability
  • Students and researchers
  • Decision makers

It is also possible to take part in only one of the two formats. However, in order to create a trusting group atmosphere, we would be happy if participants took part in both project modules.

Registration takes place via the respective event pages (tbc.).

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