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Resilient Women in Digital Space: Feminist Foreign and Local Politics
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In 2023 there is still a long way to go to create gender equality in the world and also in Europe. Even today, women are still underrepresented in political decision-making, and many women also state that politics is male-dominated because they are often not trusted enough. In reality, there are many causes for this imbalance - but where is the best place to start to eliminate it?

With the "RECLAIM | European Role Models" project, we want to make a contribution to giving women a voice in society and in debates and encouraging them to participate in policy-making despite structural disadvantages. "RECLAIM" is aimed at female activists and local politicians from Europe. It aims to raise awareness of gender inequalities, find ways to deal with them and empower each other - online and on the street.

Our second workshop "Being the only woman in the room - communication strategies to lead confidently in male-dominated meeting situations" provides participants with communication strategies to speak with confidence even in intimidating, male-dominated rooms: how to take „more space" with our words and body language? How to avoid words and gestures that unconsciously make us „small"? How to speak with our feminine power, instead of trying to seem „tough" and „masculine"?

As women in debates and policy-making, our powerful voices need to be heard. But often, we tend to cushion our valuable contributions with words like „I am not an expert, but..."; „Sorry, I would just like to say that..."; „I hope I was clear enough...?"

With her background in political communication and as a former spokesperson and speechwriter at the European Commission, Helene Banner will give participants concrete words, powerful mindset tools and public speaking strategies to help them feel confident in their own, natural way as female speakers. Her message: Let us stop saying „sorry" and start feeling safe with our own, feminine power and voice.

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With kind support of the European Union and the German Federal Foreign Office.

In cooperation with Association for International Affairs (AMO), Polish Robert Schuman Foundation, and ELIAMEP.

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