Europe against racism

Network and cooperation project of EU partner cities against racism
Europe against Racism Projektfoto

Racist structures and everyday racism are a reality in European cities and institutions and are addressed and combated in different ways.

The transnational project "Europe against Racism" is building a network between European administrative institutions and NGOs that provides effective recommendations for dealing with various forms of racism. Local anti-racism work is of central value to cities. In order to strengthen this added value and opportunities for participation across Europe, "Europe against racism" wants to work with the participating administrative units and local NGOs to determine which best practices are suitable for effective, empowering and sustainable work against racism in the municipalities. The project actively involves people who are affected by racism and intends to work with, rather than through, those affected and to implement the project.

In project year 2023, a toolkit was created that not only provides instructions and exercises but also an overview of best-practice projects.



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