Alda Vanaga besucht EAB

Alda Vanaga

The Ambassador of Latvia, Alda Vanaga, visited the European Academy Berlin on November 23, 2023. Together with the head of the EAB, they reflected on the European year.

Despite being a small member state, Latvia is nonetheless one of the most advanced, particularly in the field of digitalization, especially in administration. Ambassador Alda Vanaga and the EAB team exchanged thoughts on this and more pressing issues in security and collaboration. The long-standing Midsummer Festival, which had been frequently discussed with the Ambassador even before her official visit to the EAB, prominently featured in the agenda of their discussion.

"The European Academy Berlin, as a small and confidential institution, is always here for all the diplomatic representations in the city. When it comes to countries strongly connected to the European idea and its values, like Latvia, this exchange becomes even more enjoyable,"

emphasized Dr. Johann, the head of the EAB.

With the upcoming year 2024, not only are the European Parliament elections and the UEFA European Championship for men on the horizon, but also the twentieth anniversary of the largest enlargement round of the European Union in 2004. This enlargement, which included ten new member states, commemorates its twentieth year. Reason enough to collectively consider how this memorable anniversary could be celebrated in Berlin.

PS: Due to a mobile phone malfunction, the planned group photo in front of the academy on that day was unsuccessful. As a result, an AI application created an image in anime style with a touch of imagination.

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