Hybrid Pathways // Shared History

VR based memory paths in international youth encounters
Denkmal Gleis 17 Grunewald

Creating and communicating innovative approaches to the history of National Socialism 

In cooperation with historians and media professionals, a team of German and Latvian young people will create a VR-based city tour in Riga. In this way, Nazi history will be conveyed digitally and from multiple perspectives at a historical site of Nazi persecution and extermination. In the pilot project, participants create a storyboard, research content, and develop VR/ AR media to immersively experience an analog city tour. The application is then freely available and can be used and expanded by other groups. An accompanying campaigning of the participants will not only document the process of app creation, but also inform peer to peer about the content. The young people are thus shaping new ways of remembrance culture in Europe.

The tour app can be used anywhere and can be used as a tool for an in-depth introduction in preparation for an international youth exchange.

Project partners: Jewish Museum Latvia and the association Goral in Riga as well as the technical partner Blickwinkel Tours Nuremberg.

The project is funded by the program YOUNG PEOPLE remember international of the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ).

Programme Director